Friday, June 3, 2011


It's a...

Okay so yesterday, we had our anatomy scan and it was so wonderful to see our baby girl "Jackalinas" after 10 weeks. Baby girl is doing great. Her brain, heart, kidneys, stomach and limbs all looked wonderful. She was moving a lot and lying on her side and stomach. She likes to sleep like mama! :) Baby girl was measuring at 18 weeks & 4 days, but of course that's not enough to change the due date (which would make the EDD October 30th). She was also measuring in the 78th percentile. She's big. lol Dan weighed 9 lbs. 12 oz. so I was a little scared when the sonographer said 78th, but I'm not going to worry about that right now. :)

She wasn't cooperating and showing her goods (good girl!). So we left the u/s tech and went to meet with our midwife. After our appt. we went back to a different u/s tech. As soon as the u/s started she said, "Baby must like me more because I already have what I need." I thought for sure it was going to be boy by those words. lol
The u/s tech took some pics, wrote down the gender in the card and we were off to the bakery! :)

Yesterday evening we did the cake reveal with our parents. Dan was being a meanie and not letting me get my way. We had to eat dinner first. Boo. We ate dinner (I finished first) ;) and then it was time to cut the cake!
(FYI we have a video of the cake reveal, that will one day be edited and posted.)

Yummy chocolate cake!

It's PINK! It's a GIRL!

Wow, talk about shocked. I didn't have a feeling either way (like some mommies do), but as we were cutting the cake I thought "It's going to be a BOY". Ha! I was wrong. Then I heard Dan's mom say "It's a Girl". And then Dan slid his knife out and I saw bright pink icing. Aaaahhhhh! We were all like "It's a GIRL!"
I jumped up so high. I was so surprised and thrilled. Really? A baby girl. We're going to have a little girl. Wow! Everyone was happy. Mama and Papa are thrilled!

The happy Parents & Grandparents!
Happy Mama & Papa!
This is the card that I made for the u/s tech to write the gender in.
Inside the card. :) You can guarantee owls will make an appearance in her nursery.

It seems so surreal. We have a little girl on the way. It's just weird to say "her" or "girl" now after using "it" or just "baby".

Baby J lying on her side, facing us. :) This pic is both sweet & creepy. lol Seriously. I'm the mama though so I can say that about my baby girl. :)

Baby girl on her stomach!

Baby girl on her back!

I do worry a bit that the u/s was wrong or if our baby does have a penis and the u/s tech just didn't see it. It's just so early on, what if they missed something. lol Oh well. Worst case scenario, we are even more shocked later if she is really a he. ;)

I already love my growing family! Now we just have to decide on a name. :)


Viola said...

You know that Dad & I are thrilled!!!
Healthy baby is all we asked for all along.
Mama S

Vanessa said...

Congrats, love! Little girls are so fun (especially the clothes:). How exciting!

Katy said...

I have chills! I'm so happy for you both!!!

Sara said...

Congrats!! I'm so excited for you guys. Love the cake reveal idea and great ultrasound pics!!

Amanda said...

So happy for you and Dan!!