Sunday, February 24, 2008

My lovely wedding cake topper

Thanks to the lovely Sarita, I found someone who could make a cute wedding cake topper for us. I just LOVE it! Do you see Baby Dan & Sissy?!

The first pic is the almost final product. I'm asking that the groom have more rectangular glasses and she added more flowers to the base.

The second pic is the first one she showed us--I asked that my groom's hair be darker, no top hat, add some glasses and add some detail to my bodice. I just love how it really does look like my dress--pleated bodice and all!

Recently, Laura (etsy seller oilpainta) blogged about our cake topper in her blog One Happy Hubbard. You'll notice that the glasses are different in the picture in her blog--it was before she changed them to a different metal and there are less flowers on the base.

What do you think?