Monday, June 28, 2010

Crave Pancakes. Make Pancakes. Eat Pancakes.

While D has been away I've been really good about eating most of my meals from TruMeals.
And while those meals are really good, sometimes you just crave something ultra yummy and since the hubs isn't here to make some ultra yummy meals I had to make my own. (:

Yummy Whole Grain Pancakes!

Even better with bananas and a bit of dark chocolate drizzled on top.

Mmmm I love brinner.

Note: I did NOT eat all of this!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dan's First Feature Film

Dan begins shooting his first feature film on Tuesday!
I'm so happy for him & so proud of him.

The film takes place in a small Northeast Texas town.

Synopsis: Kaleb, a young Rodeo Clown/Bull Fighter, struggles with the realities of small town life. His troubles are made worse when he discovers the rodeo he works for is using the bulls to traffic drugs between Texas and Mexico and more people in this little sleepy Texas town are involved than he ever imagined.

I plan to up and visit him this week & hope to capture some set pictures.
Stay tuned...