Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy 10 months, Olive!

ge: 10 months
Weight: 21 lbs. (69th percentile)
Height: ~28 1/2 inches (56th percentile)
Clothing: sizes 9 & 12 months
Head circumference: 18 inches (82nd percentile)
Sleeping: Her upper incisors are coming in so that has affected her sleep. Some nights she wakes once and some nights she sleeps right through until morning. She still naps in my arms. She takes 2-3 naps per day.
Eating habits: Nursing. Eating solids twice a day. She prefers eating what we do and doesn't care too much for pureed foods. She loves grapes!
Favorite activity: She loves to give her pups kisses, but sometimes she likes to kick them as she walk by. She enjoys kicking balls or plastic snap ware around the house. She likes throwing or rolling the ball to us. She loves trying on our shoes. She loves to make noise or "play music" by hitting two or more objects together. She loves to dance.
Cutest Moment of the Month: Walking really fast to the door when she hears Papa coming home and when she dances!
Goes from stomach to sitting position
  • Sits by falling down
  • Recovers balance easily while sitting
  • Lifts one foot to take a step while standing
  • Comprehends "bye-bye"
  • Says "dada" or "mama" with meaning
  • Says one other word beside "mama" and "dada" (hi, bye, no, go)
  • Waves bye
  • Object permanence begins to develop
  • Repeats actions that attract attention
  • Plays interactive games such a "pat-a-cake"
  • Enjoys being read to and follows pictures in books
Firsts: She went to the library and storytime for the 1st time. She had her 1st cold. Taking more of your first unassisted steps!
Updates: Olive is crawling now! She started army crawling right at 9 months and then about a week ago she started crawling. She sometimes still picks up that one foot, but she is learning to get around any way she can. Her preferred method of movement is still walking assisted. She started saying Mama, Ma, Mum again and refers to Dad as Bah. She kisses when I ask for one. She hates being told "No" and when I try to redirect her from a No No area. She tries to bite me when I tell her "No" or pull her arm away from something she shouldn't be touching. She points a lot now. She dances and it's the best. She enjoys story time and it's a nice place for her to socialize with other babies. It's amazing how time flies and we're now planning a birthday party for our vivacious daughter.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Olive crawls & dances

Olive finally started crawling this past month. At times she still keeps one knee off the ground, but hey whatever works to get from point A to point B. I'm still so nervous she is going to bonk her head on the travertine floor on the 1st floor.

And she dances too! :)