Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Where are my kids?

It appears our Bubba (Baby Dan) loves to find the weirdest places to hide.

When we came back from the farmhouse, I put their beds up by the laundry room so that I could wash them along with their quilts. This is where I find Bubba.

He looks quite comfortable though.

For awhile, it seemed he had a fascination with this entertainment center. We would come home and find him in here.
In this little compartment...
we'd open the door to find him sitting here.
Sometimes we would find him behind the entertainment center and we finally (after finding him in there several times) figured out where he was entering from, the sides of the entertainment center.
As you can see the sides of the entertainment center have been blocked off
And fortunately, we haven't found him in or behind the entertainment center since we blocked it off.
In our apartment in Cali. We'd occasionally find him under this sofa.

How he would fit under here, I have no idea!

We'd come home and he'd be missing and his nose would stick out from under the sofa...we'd have to lift it to get him out.
There is always an adventure in the life of Baby Dan.

Oh and Sissy has her adventures too--we once found her in an empty bathtub, she loves to drink water and she somehow got herself in the bathtub and we couldn't find her---she wouldn't make a sound (bark, whimper, nothing) and so we were hysterical, we knew she was in the house, but didn't know where. Finally, we found her after we pulled back the curtain!

Also, we've found her on the ironing board---

Disclaimer: Rooster would like to let everyone know this pic was taken when she was much heavier (4 years ago)

I swear we're good parents! :)

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bunnybride said...

I don't doubt you two are good parents... I just think your babies are a bit on the silly side. Who gets stuck in a bathtub and doesn't make a sound??