Friday, September 7, 2007

Going to the Farmhouse

Tomorrow we're heading to Dan's parents farmhouse for a few days. We're taking my parents with us and of course Baby Dan and Sissy are going too. It's located about 5 hours northeast of Houston. I'm not a huge fan of car trips, but I do loads better in the front seat than I do in the back seat. We'll probably take a little longer because we'll have to stop to let the "kids" off to do their business. It'll be my parents first time there, so Dan and his parents are really excited about having them visit. We're all looking forward to fishing, playing board games, throwing the football around, exploring the woods (kinda creeps me out), riding bicycles, driving the golf cart and enjoying all of the yummy food Dan and his father will be making. It should be fun, as long as there is no car sickness from me or Baby Dan.

Baby Dan & Sissy on the way up to the farm (in June)

Can you tell Baby Dan is anxious to get to GramGram's place?

Baby Dan & Sissy on the boat (in June)

Baby Dan & Sissy on the way home (in June)--they were worn out!

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