Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our Love Nest

My buddy Sarita gave me the idea of posting pics of our Nest. D and I have been "nesting" for over 4 years and this is the house we bought. I'm really posting these for my friend Jamie, she has been patiently waiting for these pics. Everything is here except our bedroom & walk-in closet (don't feel like sharing those).

We are currently having a lot of cosmetic problems with this house. As much as I love my home, I often regret getting a house this size (it is a pain to clean and is just too big for me & D). What were we thinking? It's our home for now.

The first day we moved in.
We had just traveled a few days from Cali.

Looking up at our dead boganvillias


Front gate

Front door

Entry way

Powder Room

Windows looking out to backyard
Kitchen Table

Close-up of table

Fireplace (gas, not wood)

Comfy couch
D in Kitchen
Wine holder (why do we have this if we don't drink? Oh yeah D loves to cook with wine)

Fridge, Microwave & Oven (excuse the mess on the bar)
Sink & Counter (excuse the mess)

Looking up at loft area

Looking down from loft areaLaundryroom

Master shower

Master bathtub
(I get "sea sick" in the bathtub--I know--it's weird,
so I just don't use it much)

My side of the bathroom counter (excuse the mess)

Master bathroom
View from bedroom
Extra lounging area (stuff used to be in apt. in Cali)

D's office area

Guest bathroom

Guest shower

Guest bed
Windows in guest bedroom

Windows from the backyard Our perfect-sized yard


Amanda said...

love your house :)

Sarita said...

OMG Christy, your home is freaking amazing! Love the windows and the loft space!

Christy said...

Thanks Amanda & Sarita. Yep those windows are one of my favorite things about this house, except of course when birds attempt to fly through the windows & we hear a loud BANG.

Colts Biggest Fan - Marcie Muensterbee said...

I love love the look of your house. I love clean lines and trendy but simple peices. Your living room set (the couch!) is AWESOME and my fave :). Fantastic :)