Sunday, September 11, 2011

Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby

Even with my big 'ol belly, I'm still finding a way to walk on the elliptical 3-4 times a week. It's becoming kind of difficult to put my knee braces on, but I somehow get them off and on. The weight gain makes it so much more difficult to get going, but I keep pushing myself to keep it up. Now that the temps have dropped drastically, I can start taking a stroll in the neighborhood in the evenings, getting 2 walks in per day.
Exercising will help me to keep up my stamina during labor, as well as prepare baby girl for the marathon we will experience together. It's also helping to relieve some stress and anxiety. I wish it helped with the irritability I've been feeling lately! Ha!
Also, it has been shown that babies whose mommies worked out during pregnancy are better able to weather labor & delivery (they're less stressed about it), and recover from the stresses of birth more quickly. :)

31 weeks

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Lisa said...

You look so beautiful! Perfect little belly. I love your attitude, and you're absolutely right that a healthy, active momma will maximize comfort in labor and recovery. I know you'll do great! I wish I could rub that belly :P