Monday, July 25, 2011

Update on my other 2 kids

I've been so consumed with posting about our little girl that I haven't shared any pics or updated how Sissy and Baby Dan are doing.

Simply put. They are driving us crazy.
It's like they are preparing us for having a wild house come November.
They bark way more often now. Baby Dan just barks to bark. He barks to get Sissy to move from her spot just so he can occupy it. And once he barks, she just barks and has no clue what she is barking at. When I'm upstairs working out in the a.m. and they've already been out he decides he's going to bark just to let me know he's there.
He is also having more accidents in the house. And his new thing is waking us up at all hours of the night. No joke. He'll just sit up in bed and stare at us, growl at us or make Dan get up and let him out before he'll go back to sleep. He is seriously preparing us for baby. :)

And they have become picky eaters. It's ridiculous. One day they just decided they had had it with their hard kibble and because Sissy refused to eat we introduced them to canned food (mixed in with ground kibble because if we left kibble whole they'd just eat around it and leave the the kibble behind). BIG mistake. They'd eat more, but then their stomachs were more upset. So then, we stopped giving them canned food and Dan thought maybe it'd be a good idea to grind up their kibble and mix in a little water so it's kind of like canned food. Well, they are fine with that, but then Sissy decided she doesn't want to eat out of her bowl and when she doesn't eat Dan begins to hand-feed her. Another mistake because she now always thinks she is going to be hand-fed. Ugh.

With the vet's recommendation we tried weaning Sissy down on two of her meds (she is on 4 meds), but that didn't work well so we are going to try again in a few weeks. This time we'll try weaning 1 pill at a time, instead of both at one time. It's a crazy schedule she's on right now. She gets 3 pills when she eats in the a.m., 2 pills when she eats in p.m., another pill around 9 pm and one pill she gets at 7a, 3p and 11p. 2 pills she takes with no problem and 2 pills I have to shove down her throat. Fun!

I just don't know how I'm going to keep it all straight when LO comes in November. I'm really scared. I'm already going to be getting little sleep, then I have to stay on top of Sissy's med schedule. Not looking forward to it, but someone has to do it. :-)

But we do still have our precious moments with them so I guess we'll keep 'em. ;-)
Sissy and Mama

Bubba being protective

Bubba leaning on Mama's belly.

Loving w/Mama and Baby

Bubba and Bump

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Viola said...

Kids are so cute!! Come November ya'll are really gonna be busy.
Mama S