Monday, July 4, 2011

Life is not fair

Life is precious. Never take what you have for granted.

A dear friend and her husband are going through a tragic loss and my heart breaks for them.

We were pregnancy buddies.
We were appointment twins.
We chatted weekly comparing symptoms, cravings, registries, themes and just talked about how wonderful pregnancy was treating us.
Then, tragedy struck.
And now she won't be bringing her baby boy home.

I've gone through loss, but I can't even imagine the pain and heartache that my friend is going through having bonded with her baby.
Life is not fair.

I went through a bit of "survivor's guilt". I felt so bad that our baby was healthy while my friend's was not. I'm so grateful that she wants to maintain our chats and friendship, in whatever capacity and under her own time of course.

I cherish every kick I get from my baby girl because it reassures me that she is doing well and getting strong.
I cherish every ache and pain because that means I am still carrying my baby.
I cherish my growing belly and those extra pounds because it's all worth it.

Please keep my friend, her husband and baby B in your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Keeping your friends in my thoughts & prayers.
Mama S

urban chaos said...

((hugs)) She is such an amazing and woman- and you are a lovely friend. <3

Kimberly said...

It just isn't fair. I've been struggling with this news all week myself. Poor, poor, M, I wish tragedy wouldn't strike such an amazing and deserving family.