Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How we told our parents the BIG news!

We announced it to our parents after we received our 1st ultrasound in March.

We created a family tree for my parents.
My mom noticed the ultrasound immediately, gave me a hug and shed a tear or two. My dad had no clue what he was looking at. He thought there was a picture missing. After he looked at it for a few more seconds, my mom said, "They're Pregnant!" and my dad said, "Who?". lol That's my dad.
As we expected, they were thrilled and gave us huge hugs.
We went out to eat. We discussed names and whether we preferred a boy or a girl.
We also gave them a pic of our ultrasound and will give them an updated copy each time we get one. :)

We shared the exciting news with Dan's parents by making fortune cookies.

One fortune said, "2011 is a g good year for Grandchildren!" and another said, "A bundle of joy is coming your way!" A tiny pic of the ultrasound was on the back with the EDD as the lucky numbers. :)
In classic FIL form, and Dan does this too, he tore the paper as he opened the cookie. Then he didn't have his reading glasses, therefore, he couldn't read the paper. He kept saying, "I don't have my reading glasses, let me get my glasses." MIL was a little confused and thought the message "A bundle of joy..." referred to the film and news about distribution. She then figured it out and yelled out, "Are you serious?!, Are you pregnant?!". We said, "Yes!" and she started crying. They gave us hugs and best wishes. We discussed natural childbirth, baby clothes, names, childbirth classes. We were really surprised how well they took it. :)

Now, I'm trying to decide how we're going to announce the baby's gender.
Any thoughts/ideas? Message me.

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The Brennan Family said...

Since you both are such foodies, why not bake a cake. Dye the cake part either blue or pink and when you cut the cake it will reveal what you are having!