Monday, March 29, 2010

Back to gardening!!!

We actually had a real winter this past year here in Houston. Really low temps (for here) & snow...I hated it, but we're finally back to growing some things in our lovely garden.

The blackberry bush is blooming!

Blackberry bush
We didn't think our berry plants would make it, but they did!

Yeah so D trimmed the raspberry bush a few months ago & he just threw the stems in the big box & look what has popped up. Now we have a whole new raspberry plant in the big box. :) Also, that front plant is either a ranunculus/peony plant. We thought we pulled all the plants out of there...obviously not. :D

Raspberry Bush

Strawberry Plant
(if you click on the pic you will notice the mint is invading the strawberry plant)

Jalapeno/Serrano Pepper Plant (notice the strawberry plant that is invading the peppers space?)

Zucchini Plant

Tomato Plant

We also have a bay leaf tree that we need to plant into a pot & I also really, really, really want a blueberry plant.

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