Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baby Dan's addictions

There are 4 things that Baby Dan just LOVES.

1. His Mom. :)
2. His Quilts.
3. Chocolate. Which of course he can't have and we don't give him, but you should see this little fellow when there's chocolate around. One time he literally jumped off the back of the couch trying to get to some that my mom had. Crazy!

4. Yogurt. Oh this boy of mine LOVES him some yogurt. :)
We bring home FroYo and he will sit next to me begging me to give him some yummy goodness. :) We always give him just a little off the finger.

We open a container of yogurt and he comes running. He'll sit like this the whole time until he gets just a little taste.

Silly Baby Dan.


april said...

Haha, I can't believe that he just sits like that. Hilarious. How could you say no to that? :)

janineb said...

so adorable! Simon comes running for ice cream :)