Monday, April 5, 2010

Sewing Boot Camp (Week 4)

Last Tuesday was our last day at Sewing Boot Camp I.
Throughout the last 4 weeks we had so much fun learning new things (in addition to learning that I hate having to iron everything before you start to sew a stitch and burning myself often) and most importantly spending quality time together. :)

I love them!

We're thinking about taking a Knitting 101 class so you just may see a new project here soon.
Also, I have the new Martha Stewart Sewing book so once I get a sewing machine you could be seeing some projects here and there. :)


Sara said...

Those pajama pants are super cute!!

Ashley said...

I love this, Christy! I am planning on taking a sewing class in the next couple of months. :) ANd I am SUPER jealous that you get to take one with your mom! Lucky girl!