Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Traveling with my "kids"

We went to the farmhouse for Easter.
Car trips with our "kids" can sometimes be a little crazy.
They have a car seat in backseat that they are strapped to and a bed on each side of the car seat because it is more comfortable. During the ride they eventually jump to one bed or the other.
They are always fighting about which bed they want.

Sissy decided she would join her brother in his bed. Baby Dan was not happy.

Sissy adjusts some more. She's probably thinking, "Gosh, this bed sure is lumpy".
Baby Dan was still not happy. He growled at her a couple of times.

His eyes are saying "Mom, Sissy is sitting on me. Tell her to get off".

Finally, Sissy gets off her brother and they both rest for like 5 minutes.
Sissy will then decide this bed is too crowded and leave.


april said...

Haha... poor baby dan, I feel bad for him getting smashed like that! But it is funny!

Kimberly said...

They are too cute Christy! It makes me want to get another dog to see how they interact, but with one at 75lbs he's enough to handle on his own.

Jessica said...

That is so cute. Poor Baby Dan!