Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's our Anniversary!

Today, Dan and I are celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary! I can't believe a year has gone by. I also can't believe that 13 years ago Dan and I started dating.

You have made me the happiest woman and I could not imagine my life without you. Every day is simply lovely. Every day is full of laughs. Every day I wonder how I got so damn lucky.
Thank you for loving me the way you do.
I love you ster!

I made a slideshow of our photos that captures our beautiful wedding day.
It's pretty long because I didn't want to cut too many photos out, so please watch when you have time. :)


april said...

Happy Anniversary! I don't think I've ever seen all of your wedding photos before... they're stunning!

Kimberly said...

Happy Anniversary Dan & Christy! Hard to believe its been a year huh?

Alleigh said...

Happy Anniversary!

Amanda said...

Happy anniversary!

Jessica said...

Happy Be-lated Anniversary! Just the first of many more to come!