Monday, April 6, 2009

Garden Update

Chihuahua Berry Farms is looking great this spring!

Strawberries are blooming!

We have a lot of Bell Peppers this season.

They are some good looking Bell Peppers!

More Fennel. I hate the stuff, but D loves it. :)

Easter Egg Radishes are sprouting!

2 delicious cherry tomatoes
Leeks are doing good. They take a long time, but they should be ready come Fall.

Lemons and Limes are coming along great!
We have about 10 lemons and 8 limes. That's 8 more limes than we had last season. :)
I'm hoping they all make it and the birds don't pick at them.
(This pic was taken a few weeks back, so they are a tiny bit bigger now.)

Yummy Cauliflower

Baby Spinach


Orange & Purple carrots

Pretty purple carrot
Rainbow Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard
First strawberry of the season!

And the 2nd strawberry of the season!
Soon we will be adding a new box to our garden! We need a bigger yard. :)
We will be adding more berries (blackberries & raspberries for sure and maybe blueberries) to our garden.
Dan is going to try to grow corn. That's right, we will have a mini corn field in our backyard. :)


Katy said...

Amazing! I'd love to see a pic of your entire backyard...I bet it's fabulous!

Sara said...

Everything looks great!! What an amazing selection you have in your garden.

Kimberly said...

Yum, you are going to have such delicious fruits and veggies this summer!