Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baking Cake

Yes, I can bake! Even though Dan does most... okay all of the cooking and baking in our house, I enjoy baking and will occasionally bake something yummy.

I've been craving Carrot Cake for awhile, so I decided to attempt Alton Brown's recipe. I'm someone who hates raisins and I tend to pick out all of the raisins from other carrot cakes, so this was the perfect carrot cake recipe! It was delicious!

But anything I can do, Dan can do better! :) Dan made flan a few weeks ago. It was also delicious! It was definitely the best we've had since we last had it at an El Torito restaurant in SoCal.


Kimberly said...

Yum! They both look amazing!

Jessica said...

YUM! Both look great.

april said...

both look delish... but oh my goodness, I love me some flan!

Sara said...

I LOVE carrot cake and I'm drooling looking at the picture :-)