Monday, August 25, 2008

2 years ago today

It's hard to believe that 2 years ago, today, we arrived to our new house in Houston. What we didn't know was that the next 2 years would be a total nightmare, in regards to this house.

An update on the house situation:
Awhile back I had blogged about it here and here.

We've been in talks with lawyers for over a year, trying to get this whole situation resolved with the builder. In Texas you can't just sue the builder, you first have to take it to the TRCC (texas residential construction commission). An inspector comes out and determines if something is a defect or not. The builder then has the right to make the changes.

After the TRCC inspector reported and found that 35 out of the 39 items had to be repaired, we thought that would be it. However, the builder never made an effort to make these changes.

Our lawyer sent the builder and his lawyer a demand letter and they had 15 days to respond to our demands. They did not respond and the builder has made no further attempts to resolve this and will be served.
There have been other leaks that we discovered after Tropical Storm Edouard.

I hate that we're still involved in this whole mess and I just want it to be over.

The past 2 years have flown by and I miss California more and more each day.

A few pics from the day we left (August 23, 2006). My mom was in the passenger side of the moving truck, taking pics as we drove off.

Goodbye Cali...we'll be back soon!


Amanda said...

urgh! that really sucks about the house! Are you feeling better?
Are you really moving back to Cali!??!

Azull said...

Sorry that you are still having these problems w/your house. If it helps at all your house is beautiful.

Christy said...

Amanda--no we're not moving back YET. I can only dream for now. :)