Friday, August 1, 2008

The happiest day of my life!

I'm so happy with the way our wedding pictures turned out! It really captures how beautiful our wedding day was and it takes me back to the happiest day of my life. I love our pictures! Much love to our photographer, Michele Pappalardo!

Here are just a few of my favorites. Below you will find a link to the rest of the pics.

My gorgeous bouquet. I was so happy I was able to have peonies!

D's cufflinks (with pics of Baby Dan and Sissy)
My handsome hubby!
Our rings, ring orb and D's vows
Rose petals being tossed

So much spinning, we were pretty dizzy!
Mmmm cappuccino!

Ah, the beautiful Amalfi Coast!
If you would like to see more fabulous pictures of our perfect wedding, go to this website.:)


Sara said...

Your photos are beautiful!! The spinning picture is one of my favorites!

Mary said...

Those photos are amazing - among the best I've ever seen! Congrats!

Amanda said...

GORGEOUS! You were stunning and Italy looks amazing.