Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm back, with an update on our house

I know, I know, I've been a horrible blogger.
But I have a great excuse, I'm getting married in less than 3 weeks so I've been super busy the last few months! :-)

And the wedding stress is not the only stress we're dealing with right now.
Awhile back I had mentioned here that we were noticing some cosmetic problems with our house.

Well a few months back we had the state inspector come out and take a look at the house, with lawyers for both sides and the builder in attendance.
The state inspector came back with his findings and required that 35 out of the 39 problems in our house be repaired by the builder. That is fantastic news!

We've appealed the 4 problems that were not required to be repaired and have added more items to the list. After we return from our wedding, we will likely have the state inspector return for another look at the additional problems we are noticing.

The good news is that the structural engineer does not think it is a foundation problem, but it could very well be a structural problem (with the frame, beams, etc.) that is causing all of the cosmetic flaws in our home.

It doesn't seem like the builder is fighting to not repair everything, but he is trying to go about everything without our lawyers being involved, which we are not cool with.

This is such a pain to have to deal with, but hopefully it will be resolved. It won't be a fast, nor easy phase because we'll have to move out in order for all of the repairs to be made, but I just want the house we paid for and for all of this to be over! And I want to be able to show the next potential buyer a great house, with a great layout, absent of cosmetic and structural problems.

I will keep you posted, as best I can.


Amanda said...

Wow- what a total PITA! Glad to hear the builders are fixing it though. Hang in there a few more weeks- I'm super excited for you!

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