Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New additions to the house

My in-laws moved out of their house a few weeks ago and had some stuff that they either didn't want anymore or didn't have a place for in their new condo, so they offered us some things. Below are just a few pics of some of the items we brought to our home!

This is a church pew. I know it's weird, but it works.
The church pew and the modern grandfather clock make great entry way pieces!
Sorry for the weird pic, I was trying to get a full shot of the front.
This is a end table that has storage space inside
Because D is a filmmaker, he got first dibs on these classic movie posters.

This is just a nice extra piece we picked out, but don't really have a set place for it right now.
This chair is wonderful! It reclines and is so big and oh so comfy.
This lovely armoire!
Adding the leather chair and armoire really added some warmth into our room. Now it's cozy, just the way a bedroom should feel!
Weights (The Block)
And 1 of the 2 matching lamps!
And the most special things we got was D's grandparent's 8 mm projector and films!

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