Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The "kids" are in the bag!

Our "kids" know when we're going out of town.  They  mope around the house a few days before we leave.  On the day that we are leaving, Baby Dan will start jumping on my leg, trying to get me to pick him up.  

The day that D and I were flying out for our destination wedding and honeymoon I was a total mess.  On one hand, I was completely thrilled to be leaving for Europe to marry my best friend.  And on the other hand, I was completely upset about leaving my two babies behind.  I cried too much that morning.  Baby Dan didn't make it easy for me either!  We had our bags downstairs and I was still packing a few items, so I had my bag open.  Well as I'm about to close the suitcase, Baby Dan jumps in my suitcase!  He wouldn't get out.  He kept jumping in and as I would try to close it, he'd just lay down in the suitcase as if it say, "Go ahead, I'm in, zip it up!".  He made me laugh and cry at the same time.  It was both hilarious and sad to see him do this.  :-)

The below pics were taken when we returned home from Europe, after being away for 17 days.  We unlocked the door, walked in and they were both sitting on the couch. They were completely shocked to see us.  After giving them lots of hugs and kisses, we opened our bags and guess where they go, straight to our suitcases!  

My silly kids, I love them so much!  I guess they were trying to tell us that we were not going anywhere without them again.


Amanda said...

Aww- too cute! I'm very impressed by how neat your bags are upon returning from a trip. Mine generally go out neat, but come home a disaster ;)

Sara said...

That's so cute. Your dogs are adorable!!!