Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"All belly" doesn't mean boy!

We've heard this way too many times to count. It's getting annoying actually.

Nurse: "You're having a boy, huh?"
Me/Dan: "No, it's a girl".
Nurse: "That's a girl?"..."But you're all belly."
Me: "Yep."

Waitress: "Es un nino?". (It's a boy?)
Me: "No, es un nina." (No, it's a girl.)
Waitress: "Pero usted está llevando a todos por adelantado" (But you're carrying all up front)

I want to know what idiot came up with the theory that "all belly", carrying high/low, carrying wide determines a child's sex. It's so ridiculous!
I'm not that tall, people! I have a short torso so baby bump has nowhere to go but outwards.

And I also love how when I tell them we're having a girl, a few have said, "Oh yeah, I carried my daughter like that too". Well shit, why would you assume it's a boy then?

Fortunately, pretty soon all of those comments will end.
And oh my goodness if she comes out a he I will be shocked. :D

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april said...

Be happy that you're all belly... You look fabulous! :) This w/e I had the first stranger guess correctly so far. Unfortunately it was after he thought it appropriate to feel up my belly and fondle my belly button. Ick.