Thursday, October 20, 2011

38 weeks & the Bump!

Ugly bump has arrived again.
Can I get any bigger?

How far along? 38 weeks!

Weight gain/loss: I've gained a few more pounds. Total weight gain 34 pounds. I don't understand how I could be gaining weight still. I must be putting on the weight now, not baby girl. Maybe it's muscle weight. haha

Maternity clothes? Yep, lots of maternity clothes.

Stretch marks?
Yep, I have stretch marks on my belly. How can I not when it's getting so big? :)

Sleep is eh. Insomnia comes and goes throughout the week. Getting in & out of bed is painful at times, especially with the swollen feet, pelvic soreness and my bladder being pushed on. Ow.

Best moment this week?
Having Dan put together the moses basket rocker, the pack & play, the rock & play and finishing the changing cabinet. We also had the car seat inspected and he installed it correctly. Yay! We also took a lesson in how to properly put baby girl in the car seat. It sure has changed since my nieces and nephew were kids.

Food cravings:
Sweets. I've been giving in too. Yeah, this could be where my extra weight gain comes from. blah.


Belly button in or out?
I have an "outtie".

Movement is still there, but I think it's getting cramped in there and she only pokes a limb out here and there. I still feel lots of hiccups.

What I miss?
Being able to put on my underwear without my pelvic region aching. Ow. The waddle has set in thanks to the wonderful pelvic pain. Maybe all of this pelvic pain means there is progress going on down there. :)

What I'm looking forward to:
Having my little girl here so then I don't have to carry her in my belly. :) Don't get me wrong, my pregnancy has been wonderful for the most part and I'm truly grateful that I get to experience this, but I'm getting tired. It'll all be worth it in the end. Hearing her heartbeat this afternoon is a reminder what all of these aches and pains are for her and it keeps me going!

Milestones: Our baby girl is anywhere from 6.8 - 7 1/2 pounds or maybe even bigger. Ahh! She is around 19 1/2 inches long. My fundus size is closer to 40 cm as of today. I'm huge! She has a firm grasp, which we'll soon be able to test when we hold her hand for the first time! Her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb. 14 days to go! Come on Olive! October would be a wonderful birthday month, not too hot and not too cold.

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Lisa said...

You're in the home stretch, sweetie!! And you indulge all you want in those sweets - and don't forget that you need to keep it up when you're breastfeeding too! ;)

I know you feel huge and uncomfortable, but OMG, you look ADORABLE. I LOVE your bump!!