Thursday, July 9, 2009

Front Yard Makeover

Our front yard was in desperate need of makeover.
Last month, with my parents help, we added sod & some more mexican heather to our front yard.

Originally, we wanted to make an edible front yard after reading a book called Edible Estates, but there have been several neighbors who have had their plants/flowers stolen so we quickly gave up on that plan. So for now we decided to go with a low-maintenance front yard.

This was before. I've got to admit it was an embarrassing sight.

This is after. Much better.

Pretty good, huh?
Who knew? You add sod and you can have a decent-looking yard. :-)


Azull said...

What a cute little yard!

Jessica said...

Looks good Christy! I've never heard of an edible yard. Sounds cool. I can see why it would attrack "sticky fingers" though :(

Sara said...

Looks great!!