Monday, July 6, 2009

30 is here & I love it!!!

I had a fabulous 30th birthday!
Thank you to my wonderful husband, parents, family & friends.

I was born 30 years ago today at 9:36 p.m. CST. :-)

Me & My Hunny

The delicious apple meringue pie that my awesome hubster made.
It's French and has a custard inside too. Mmm Mmm.

I chose Lobster Rolls for my birthday dinner.
He picked these 2 sizes because he said they represented us. :D
He's so funny!

Me & My Precious "kids"

Me & My Wonderful Parents!

The perfect lobster rolls with homemade buns and a delicious homemade mayo, celery, green onion sauce.

It was the perfect birthday meal!

I think 30 looks pretty darn good on me! ;-)
My 20's were great, but I think my 30's are going to be freakin' awesome.


Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie! The food looks delicious as always!

Vanessa said...

Awww! Happy 30th!
You look amazing and so does all of that food! Hope your day was the best!

Amanda said...

YUMMY! looks like a great day :)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful in those pics! Glad you had a good birthday!

Katy said...

Aw, I missed your birthday! I'm glad it was a good one though!!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday!! Looking at the food pics is making my mouth water :-)

Jessica said...

Cute pictures! Love them. Enjoy your 30's! The dirty 30's aren't as bad as I thought they would be!

Azull said...

YUMMM! Man you have a wonderful husband!! Great pics, I hope it all tasted as good as it looks :drool:

Happy Birthday!

janineb said...

30 looks awesome on you!
and what a delicious looking meal too :)