Thursday, October 4, 2007

I have a secret

and it won't be a secret for much longer...

This may sound really weird to a lot of people, but I thought I would share my problem to the readers.

I don't like calling people on the telephone
I don't like ordering food from a drive-thru

I get really nervous or anxious about picking up the phone and calling people. The only person I don't have a problem calling is D.

We don't eat fast food very often now that we're coming up on 6 months to the wedding, but if we do I don't want to drive---when I do drive, my heart begins to race, but I get through it.

I suffer from a bit of anxiety when it comes to these two activities, but thanks to D's help I don't let it control me--he encourages me to do drive to help me overcome my nervousness. I just have to push myself to get through it.

So this may answer questions my friends may have as to why I don't call as often as I should. :\


Amanda said...

Given the choice- I prefer email/text message over phone calls too.

bunnybride said...

I am not a drive-thru person at all. It is scary how fast we can get food these days.

I prefer e-mail to the phone unless it is on the weekends and I have time set aside for talking to my inner circle. I hate it when people that I am not close to "freak" out that they can't reach me when they call. I actually turn my cell phone off during the day and check my messages periodically.

April & Kevin said...

I'm not a phone person at all either. Whenever possible, I make DH make the calls. And the strangest thing is, I worked in a call center for years. WTH is wrong w/ me? =)

Christy said...

Yeah I also have Dan make all of the phone calls (takeout etc.). I put off making doctor's appointments too. Totally sucks.
I prefer texting too or AIM!