Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dad's 60th Birthday Party

I've gotta say--I was a bit surprised when my Dad said he wanted to have his 60th Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese's. When I turned 6 or 7 I had my birthday party at ShowBiz Pizza Place (which was bought out by ChuckECheese years ago) and a few years later we have my Dad blowing out his candles here---I think that's awesome! We all had a fun time! The manager came up to him and said this was the first time he's had a birthday party for someone his age and it was great to see! I think so too! Below are a few pics from the party.
Oh and my nephew was terrified of the robotic ChuckE.Cheese on stage so I had to block his view the entire time, he actually pulled me down several times and begged "Sit with me, Sit with me!". I know exactly how he feels though because I used to be terrified of the huge gorilla 'Fatz Geronimo' at ShowBiz.

They usually put the birthday boy's/girl's age on this sign,
but my Dad didn't want 60 on there.
They announced it on the loud speaker.

The Birthday Boy!

Dad & his two youngest grandchildren

Me & D

My brother & his wife

Birthday Cake!

My sister greeting my dad with her gift

ChuckE.Cheese & Dad

Dad with the gift my sister gave him
(yep, that's an IV drip bag on the right)

Lighting the candles

Dad & Me

Dad, his sister & her grandson

The Whole Group minus 1
(Ashley was missing, she was cashing in her tickets).

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Amanda said...

I've been wanting to go back sometime- just for laughs. That's so cool your dad wanted to have a party there, I'm sure all the grandkids had a blast.

We should get together for happy hour sometime!