Sunday, October 28, 2007

6 months from today...

Dan and I will be married in Italy!
Now the stress REALLY sets in. Actually, now I feel more motivated than ever to get stuff accomplished.

We are trying to plan our Destination Wedding and At Home Reception.
We are hoping Dan's mom will take over planning the At Home Reception.
It would be a huge help and she's an expert when it comes to hosting parties so I wouldn't feel uncomfortable about leaving it in her hands.

It is important that we book our flights and our honeymoon soon.
We were hoping that the flights would've dropped in price by now, but it is Europe and will likely not drop much more.
We're hoping to enjoy Capri, Rome, and Florence Italy; Paris, France; Madrid or Seville, Spain and maybe London, England on our honeymoon.

So far, we have 8 confirmed guests--we're hoping a few more people will join us for what will be a fabulous vacation and a beautiful wedding!

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bunnybride said...

I hope the farewatcher kicks in on whatever flight generator site you two are using and you get a great rate.

6 months! I am looking forward to seeing pics from your wedding.