Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making Pasta and more Carbs!

Dan made pasta in early April.
This was the first time he had made homemade ravioli.

It's a process.

First he makes the dough and then we (yes, I help crank it through) feed it through the pasta machine.

We roll it through twice for each setting.

All ready to be filled.

This time we had some Japanese Yams in our kitchen so Dan filled it with yam and bacon.

Dan takes the other side and folds it over on top of the filling.

He cuts the ravioli out with some little gadget.

Ready to be dropped in the boiling water.

It's served with a sage butter sauce. Yum!

My new favorite pizza.
Carb on Carb. ;)
Potato and Rosemary. talk about delicious!

Dan made these hot cross buns awhile back.

My friend Amanda's grandmother's recipe. It was good.
Blackberry Cake w/blackberry sauce


Jessica said...

Yummy! You and Dan make me wish I liked cooking more. You always make such delicious things!

Vanessa said...

Omg, these all look SO delicious. I'm jealous!

Mary said...

How are you not 400 lbs? I'd be gigantic if I lived with you guys :) That all looks amazing!