Friday, May 15, 2009

Garden Update

We have some good & bad news about our garden.

We put some lady bugs out a few weeks ago.

They feel so weird when they are all over your arms.

Lady bugs on our tomatoes

The Bad News

Out of the 10 lemons we had on our tree, we now only have 1. :( I don't know if the birds are knocking them off or if they are just falling off. We've lost about 3 limes, but have about 5 on there right now.

We found this yesterday.
We don't know if it was a squirrel or bird that got to our yellow tomato. I was so bummed. :(

The reason we released the ladybugs...
The broccoli leaves were being eaten by some sort of icky bug.

My radish leaves have been eaten too.
A lot of our veg and strawberries have been affected by this bug. Dan has used everything he can think of and nothing is working. :( We were hoping the lady bugs would work, but there doesn't seem to be any left.

The Good News!

We have a new, expanded flower box. Dan is jealous. It's the biggest box in the yard and it's for flowers, not vegetables. :) I promised him that if my peonies don't bud then I'd let him make it into another veg box.

We now have a raspberry box

And a blackberry box

Check out our first blackberry!

The corn stalks have grown so much in a month.

We also have a new decorative addition to the garden.
Our water pail piggy. :)

I love it!


Sara said...

Your garden looks great!! I didn't know you could buy ladybugs...that's really neat!!

John's Arts & Crafts said...

Great Blog & Photos! New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug:

Jessica said...

I love your pig!

I guess all the animals and bugs know your yard is where the good stuff is! Hopefully you can figure out how to keep some of those garden munchers away.