Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Family Road Trip

This is what a road trip with our little family looks like.

Baby Dan is passed out in his bed.

Sissy is passed out in her bed.

And the car seat we wasted our money on sits unoccupied between them. :)
No, it's not a complete waste. They do start out fastened to the car seat because they are a little unhappy with car rides, they just end up going to their beds after we've been on the road for awhile.

And Baby Dan somehow always ends up in the front seat with me. :)


Anonymous said...

Too Cute!!

april said...

Ok, your kids are too cute! I'm cracking up at how they sleep in the car. Chloe is far too terrified of the car to sleep!

Nicole said...

This is the cutest post!!!

Sara said...

Adorable. You definitely have a couple of spoiled babies...but it's hard not to when they are so cute!!

Jessica said...

That is so cute!!! At least your dogs sleep. Mine just pees all over the seat :(