Monday, December 8, 2008

Garden Update

Here's an update on Chihuahua Berry Farms:

Bell Peppers
Some peppers didn't make it. :(

Ball Carrots
To be such small carrots they carry a lot of carrot flavor.
I'm not a fan. But they are so cute!


Our 1 Lemon
It didn't get a chance to make it to yellow. Dan went to check on it and it fell.

It was still delicious! I hope we get more next year.


We are officially Chihuahua Berry Farms. :)

So pretty! I can't wait to have a taste.

Box 2: Check out the Fennel!
And look at the huge squash leaves.
Unfortunately, we have yet to get a pumpkin, despite having the blossoms.

Acorn Squash
Yay! We have squash. :)
We lost one. :(
I really hope the one we have left will make it.


april said...

Holy... your garden looks awesome! It puts ours to shame. We have mint too... makes for some yummy mojitos. We grew lemon balm too which we used to make delicious lemon balm mojitios!

Sara said...

Your garden looks beautiful!! The strawberries look yummy. I have never seen "ball" carrots before...interesting!