Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mamma Agata's Hidden Treasure

Here are a few more pictures of our day at Mamma Agata's.

Mamma Agata's house was so beautiful and it has a gorgeous view!

A hand-painted sign near the entrance.

My parents under one of the lemon trees.

The newlyweds!

I can only hope that one day our lemons will be this nice!

We loved their garden!

There were some steep steps to get to the lemon trees and the rest of the garden.
The lemon trees are covered with this black material to protect them from too much sun and from the cold nights.

More garden veg

Even more veg

:sigh: What a gorgeous view.
I could live here...okay maybe not, but I could visit here every year! :)

I forgot the name of what type of gardening is done along the Amalfi Coast.
I'll post it when I get the answer. :)

My parents are so cute!

I don't know why D's shirt looks so weird.
This was right before we left to do our "Day After" pics.

Everyone really enjoyed themselves that day.
We ate yummy food, learned how to make the yummy food and tour the garden where some of the yummy food comes from! :)