Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mamma Agata's Cooking Class

I've been meaning to blog about the cooking class in Italy, but I kept putting it off.

Mamma Agata's Hidden Treasure is where we had our wedding and reception. They also have private dinners and cooking classes. We jumped at the opportunity to be part of a cooking class in Italy and from such a great chef! Mamma Agata was the chef for celebrities, including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Liz Taylor, Fred Astaire and Humphrey Bogart, just to name a few. It was great learning how to make some of the appetizers and main dishes from our own wedding reception!

Chiara is Mamma Agata's daughter and one of the sweetest persons I've ever met.

Mamma Agata was a beautiful full of life, love, and laughter. She is so funny. In a weird way she reminded us of my maternal grandma.

My hubster helping with an appetizer.
What a great chef!

Mmmm I forgot what this eggplant appetizer was called, but it was yummy!

Quick snapshot of the newlyweds as I'm about to stuff my face with something delish!

Mamma Agata was a great teacher. Chiara translated for her throughout the day.

My father-in-law, the other chef in the family.

Mamma Agata is preparing the delicious Lemon Chicken that we enjoyed on our wedding day.

Pappardelle Pasta with Sausage and Peppers was the other dish we had on our wedding day.

And oh my God these cherry tomatoes were the absolute best tomatoes we had ever had.
So sweet! We ate them just like candy. :)
You can't get tomatoes like that in the States.

We had a fabulous time! Mamma Agata's cooking class was the highlight of our trip, other than our actual wedding day of course. Mamma Agata, Chiara and their family were so welcoming, laid back and fun to be around.

We left there that day with a lot of great tips and Dan uses one tip when making sauces for pastas. We have some delicious recipes from that day that we hope to make soon, including some delicious fritters!

I can only hope that one day we can go back!


april said...

That is so cool! We took a cooking class here & had so much fun... a cooking class in Italy must have been incredible!!

Kimberly said...

That's really neat. Sounds like it was a great experience.

Azull said...

wow what a great opportunity you guys all had, so jealous.

Sara said...

That is so neat. What a great experience. The food looks yummy!!