Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Christmas

We woke up around 8am and started preparing for the day. D of course did most of the work and I kept the house clean and ready for our family.

D checking on something in the oven and I'm taking an Airborne.
Mmmm food!


Tree, Gifts, my beautiful Poinsettia and that poundcake was fabulous!

My sis' and nieces--it's rare when Gabi (on right) smiles!

My sis' and her family!

Yum, green beans & pancetta, carrots & parsnips, dressing, & mashed potatoes!

D--plating up ham etc.
Is there a doctor in the house? My nephew Ethan.

How about a nurse? My niece Sofia.

My bro and his family (2 oldest are from his wife's 1st marriage)

My wonderful parents!

Passing out gifts

The kids patiently waiting to open gifts!

Sofia loved the gift we gave her!

My oldest niece loves Tinkerbell.

Anything green

And Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, she's into BMX--which scares me that she's doing.

See no smile, but loves purses and she quickly changed into the shirt we bought her.
It reads Naughty or Nice I still get what I want :)

Me & my sibs

Me & my family

The whole family & D's bro Chris(he's practically family by now)

Me & D

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