Saturday, December 22, 2007

DW Knottie Gifts!

As most of you know I'm planning my wedding and I frequent TheKnot daily. Well on TK, my favorite board is the DestinationWedding board--the girls on there are the best!

Recently I participated in the Secret Santa DW knottie ornament exchange and I received these two ceramic Italian ornaments below from Claire. Aren't they cute?!
I also have a date twin (which is someone who shares the same wedding date as you). Tori gave us 2 wooden spoons and 1 spatula for Christmas (they were off my registry)--she's the sweetest!
While everyone was receiving ornaments on the DWboard and posting their ornaments for everyone to see. I saw one that caught my eye, it was an engagement ornament---it was so adorable I asked the knottie if she could buy me one and I'd send her the money. She offered to go to the mall and buy one for anyone who wanted one, she's the best! Thanks Lisa! I love it! It looks like my ring that also came in a blue box. :)

DW Knotties Rock!

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Jessica said...

Those are so cute!!! Love the engagement ring one.