Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Absent & Mini Update

Reasons for my absence?
1. Laptop is broken.
2. I can't easily blog/upload photos from my iPad.
3. My baby toddler consumes all of my time.

Olive had her 1st birthday party and we went to the zoo on her actual birthday.
She is now 13 months and is such a funny, happy, smart, curious, moody girl.  :)  She is walking now!  She started walking just shy of 13 months.  It's really crazy how fast she gets around now.  She is now trying to climb things.

I'm thinking about starting to wean her.  She is still waking once between 3-4 am and wants to nurse to soothe herself back to sleep.  She doesn't take a paci or suck her thumb. We're working on weaning her from that session and then I'll cut out naps and morning and still keep the bedtime routine.

I'm also really working on her taking naps in her crib.  It's such a struggle.  While we were out of town for Thanksgiving she took 2 naps/day out of my arms with no problem.  We get back home and she is not having it. I still nurse her until she falls asleep and have to transfer her to her crib.  I know. I know. Bad. Maybe we need to work on CIO/Ferberizing before I start weaning her. The few times we've tried CIO it hasn't worked, but we're also not consistent. We give in because she gets so worked up. This girl is persistent. Whatever career patch she chooses she'll be successful because she never gives up. :)

She is a finicky eater at times.  She loves certain vegetables and loves her carbs.  And she always tries to get in on my goodies during my snack time. :)

She enjoys screaming, dancing, listening to music, shaking her head, walking outside, feeding her siblings her food and then tries to get into their food/water bowl. She bites. She bites when I tell her "No" or when I remove her from an area.

It'll be interesting to see how she does when the Christmas tree goes up. There will be no breakable/fragile/sentimental ornaments going up this year.

I've considered abandoning this blog, but when I get time I'd like to have a place to vent or update how Olive is growing and changing and how I'm managing as a stay-at-home mama.  I'd like to keep it going so that one day I can share it with Olive.  We'll see how it goes.  Bye for now!

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What happen to Christmas?? :(
mama s