Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Sweet 16 to "the other two"!

It's hard to believe my first babies are 16 today.
I remember that day like it was yesterday.  
It was a school day. I had missed the 1st pup's arrival, but I watched as Sissy came into this world.  I left for school and my mom paged me (haha beepers) throughout the day to let me know that pup #3, 4, and 5 had made their arrival.  :)  Unfortunately, pup #1 (Sweetie) did not make it.  There were still 4 amazing little pups that I named: Sissy, Peanut Jr., Flower & Baby Dan (believe it or not I actually didn't name him).
After 8 weeks, maybe even longer, we had to part with 2 of the 4 pups.  
I was so upset, but later understood that we couldn't keep them all.
Thankfully I was able to keep 2 of them and I think I picked the right 2.  :)

I believe that having them helped to prepare me for the responsibility of being a mommy to Olive.  Some days these 2 geriatric pups drive us absolutely crazy, but we still love them with all of our hearts and couldn't imagine our lives without them. 

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Anonymous said...

GEEEZZ, I always forget their B-day. They know their nana loves them.