Sunday, April 15, 2012

Liv eats

On Easter Sunday, at 5 months, 2 weeks & 2 days Olive started solids!
She was ready. She has been ready for a few weeks now, but we were planning to travel so I didn't want to start her while away from home.

And I also introduced her to the sippy cup with just an ounce of water. She has been leaning in with her mouth wide open when I drink out of a glass and she started reaching out for my glass. She really liked it.

Her first meal was pears and she LOVED them. I had read that starting babies with a sweet fruit may be a good start because breast milk is so sweet. I have to say it was a great choice. I baked the pear, pureed it in her baby bullet and mixed them with some breast milk.


Here's a video of her eating pears:

The next food we introduced was brown rice cereal. Yeah she didn't care for that too much and I don't blame her.

Assuming pears were coming, "Pears!"

"Um, mama this is not pears."

"I guess it isn't so bad."

And here's a video of her eating cereal...
Olive eats cereal

Next up: sweet potatoes!

I just love introducing our girl to new foods! This is just the beginning of her foodie adventures.  :)


Sara said...

Love all the photos and the videos are too cute!! What a little sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Love the videos. Can't wait to see the sweet potatoes.
mama s

The Brennan Family said...

Okay, she seriously has the best facial expressions!!!