Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy 4 months, Olive!

Age: 4 months
Weight:  16 lbs. 2 oz. (94th percentile)
Height:  24.5 inches long (62nd percentile)
Head circumference: 16.5 inches (77th percentile)
Size: 3, 6, & 9 months
Sleeping: She is sleeping in her crib now.  She is no longer swaddle and is instead using a sleep sack.  She sleeps on her side most of the night.  She moves in every direction through the night.  To get herself back to sleep in the middle of the night she scratches her sheets.  :) 
Eating habits: Nursing and Expressed milk. 
Favorite activity: Eating, Feeling different textures, Being in mama's arms, Talking to mama and papa, spending time on her quilt, playing with her 2 favorite toys "owlbird" and "poppy" , smiling and giving "kisses", smiling at herself in the mirror, staring at the television, computer or iPhone.
Cutest Moment of the Month: Talking, Laughing, Facial Expressions, Smiling at herself, Giving "kisses".
Drooling begins 
Good head control
Sits with support
Bears some weight on legs when held upright
Raises head and chest off surface to a 90 degree angle
Rolls from back to side
Explores and plays with hands
Tries to reach for objects but overshoots
Grasps objects with both hands
Eye-hand coordination begins
Makes consonant sounds
Enjoys being rocked, bounced or swung
Laughter while awake, Grabbed her foot, Squeal, Piercing (Ears)
Updates: I can already tell that Liv is going to be an active little girl.  She wants to stand up all of the time.  She is so much more alert now and likes to check out her surroundings.  She recognizes her siblings and will smile as they walk by.  She has been grabbing at her owl toy while it's hanging on the activity gym.  She is getting better about letting her grandparents hold her, but it's still only for a short amount of time.  She is so much better with her papa now.  She can sit with him for awhile, they make each other laugh and they hold conversations, but she still only wants me to feed her or calm her when fussy.  Baby steps.  :)  She takes most of her naps on me, but she has taken 2 naps in her crib.  We are amazed at how smart our little one is and how she has met certain milestones ahead of schedule.  Every night I look forward to seeing her gummy smile the next morning.  I love this little girl!


Jessica said...

She is such a beautiful and happy baby!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4 month Liv.
Nana & PohPoh