Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Olive's 1st Christmas

This was our first Christmas as a family of 5.  And it was wonderful!  Sure it was exhausting at times and most of my day was spent nursing and changing pampies, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  :)

A week before Christmas we had "Christmas" with Dan's family.
Dan made a scrumptious meal of turkey, pork, gnocchi, greens, rolls and pound cake.
She got clothes from her aunt Angie and a beautiful bracelet and keepsake from her grandparents.

 This outfit shrunk a bit when I washed and dried it.  Oops.

Liv's 1st visit with Santa went well.  I know next year will be very different.  :)
I decided to hold her this year.

Christmas Day was spent with my parents.
Dan again made a delicious meal of goose, dressing, turnips (which I now know I love) and carrot cake.
 My girl is so big!  Her looks are changing. Some days she looks like Dan of course, but there are some days or moments in those days where I see myself.  
It's pretty amazing how much she has changed in 2 months.  :)

Olive got an outfit from her Tio Adam, Tia Melissa and cousins.  She also got a Christmas blanket, paci holder, gift card to Target (will be great to use on more clothes because she is growing out of everything) and hair bows from her Nana & Poh Poh.
We got her an outfit, some Dr. Seuss books, her playgym/mat and her learning tower that we bought from a consignment shop.
My dad began to feel under the weather by the end of the night so that is the reason for the no smile.  Olive was exhausted at this point.  :)

 I keep thinking how different it will be next year.  She'll be unwrapping gifts and walking.  Wow.  
All in all it was a great holiday and we look forward to many more Happy Christmases with our baby girl and our families.  

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