Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ribs & Bread

Dan makes the best homemade pork ribs. And his tart cherry bbq sauce is "to die for" as my in-laws and hubby like to say.

Dan's bread is never a let down, but this time for some reason it was the best loaf he has ever made. I'm telling you, if this whole film business doesn't work out he definitely has something to fall back on. I'm just saying. :P


eatdrinkrun said...

You have quite literally made me drool with these pictures.

Do y'all slow-grill the ribs? They look amazing...

urban chaos said...

Mmm, carbs! bread!

There's nothing quite so delicious as warm, fresh from the oven bread. A meal in itself if you ask me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Can almost smell the ribs.
HOMEMADE BREAD....enough said!!
Mama S