Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My love for owls

Or maybe it's an obsession. :)

My love for owls first began when I was a little girl. These owls belonged to my grandma and she saw that I loved them so much she gave them to my mom and my mom recently passed them down to me. I used to call them "grama grama" and every night before I went to bed I had to give them a kiss.

I have notepads around the house with owls on the them.

My mama bought me these cute amigurumi (the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals) owls.
and this super cute photo album.

And I recently bought an owl catchall. Love it!

Now I have my own catchall. :)
This used to be Dan's grandpa's catchall. Dan now puts his wedding band around the tail. Cute huh?

I now frequent this blog and go crazy over the stuff she shares. If money were no object I would buy everything!

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Jessica said...

Owls are adorable. I always see such cute stationary and home stuff with owl while shopping and it's hard to resist not getting it all. That blog is awesome!