Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Foodie Besties

It's not often that you meet a person or another couple who you just click with. It's amazing when you meet people on the web then come to find out you love the same things; mainly food, desserts, eating and being adventurous when it comes to food and willingness to try new things, but also just a similar sense of humor and a lot of laughing! It's also pretty sad when those friends live across the pond and you only get to see them once a year. But I am extremely grateful that we are able to see each other once a year and that they are in our lives. We are lucky to have such great friends!

Kirsten and I met on a website while we were planning our weddings to our wonderful men. We met IRL (in real life) in May 2008 while D and I were honeymooning in London. Ever since then we have become great friends and fellow foodies. Kirsten and Barry are our foodie besties!

We've hung out in London, Houston and last month in Memphis!

Hmm I wonder where we'll gtg next year...
London, Salt Lake City, Napa Valley, Spain???


Jessica said...

Fun! Good friends and good food... sounds like a great time.

Katy said...

How 'bout a trip to good ol' Sioux City, IA???? =)

I'm so glad you girls (and guys) had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Great eats with friends.
mama s