Thursday, May 6, 2010

Makin' Bacon

Dan bought pork belly & jowls (cheeks) from a local farmer to make bacon!

Cured Bacon

Wondering why it's not red like the bacon you buy in the grocery store?
Nitrates & Nitrites are additives/preservatives that make bacon red.
There are no additives/preservatives in this bacon!

Cured Maple Bacon

Now this is what bacon is supposed to look like!

And these are jowls/cheeks or guanciale!
Guanciale is an unsmoked Italian bacon made with jowls.

They have been hanging/drying in our mini fridge for almost 3 weeks.
We will dice them up and use them to make spaghetti alla carbonara or simply slice it up and make bacon.

3 weeks ago

He also made a cold-smoke smoker a few weeks ago and smoked some pork belly to make bacon.
It looks silly, but it really does work. :D

Yum! Now I'm hungry for bacon.

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Anonymous said...

Let me just say that it is yummy!!! Getting hungry.
Mama S