Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow Day 2009

Houston set a record Friday for the earliest snowfall ever. :)

Almost 1 year ago today we had another snow day...more like a snow night.

This year it was nice to see the snow during the day.

Looking out at the backyard.

Looking out of our garage

Down the street from our house we saw this car

and this house

I never knew driving in the snow could be so distracting. You've got snowflakes flying at your windshield and I find it's hard to focus on the road etc.
(I was in the passenger seat and not taking pictures while driving.)

Baby Dan was not a fan of the snow and preferred to stay nice and warm by the fireplace.

Our big snowball

I enjoyed our one day of snow, but that's it.
I'm ready for the warmer weather that's supposed to come to Houston this week. :)


Kimberly said...

I think Baby Dan had the right idea! Enjoy your snow, feel free to come to MN if you're ever looking for more ;)

Katy said...

Or Iowa! We're supposed to be getting 10 inches this week! Baby Dan is smarter than everyone, staying inside by the fire is a great idea!

Sara said...

Baby Dan is adorable. He definitely had the right idea!

Jessica said...


For the record, I agree with Baby Dan!