Friday, June 5, 2009

Wanting their mama's attention

My "kids" always want me to hold them or they like being right "up my butt".
If I'm holding one, the other wants to be held too.
They are mama's babies. :)

Sissy seems to love the computer. Every time I'm on the computer she always wants to be right beside/behind me.

Check her out in 2003 while I'm on the computer.
And in 2004.
I had just received my 1st Mac and she wanted to check it out.
And in 2008 (excuse the weird eyes)

This afternoon while I was sitting at the bar on my computer Baby Dan wanted to be picked up (he actually taps the bar stool with his nails). I pick him up. Then, Sissy comes around the corner and sees that I'm holding him and wants up too. She stands up to the bar stool so that I can easily reach her.

This is the picture Dan captures.
I've got my hands full. :)

One more time.

Almost a good one, but my girl blinked.

Almost another good one, but then Baby Dan disappeared.

Finally, a good picture!

I need to blog more about my "kids". After all this blog is supposed to be about them too. :)


Jessica said...

Aww, that is just so cute. I love how Baby Dan taps the bar stool with his nails. That is funny.

They are just like human babies with the whole wanting to be picked up constantly thing.

MissRancher said...

So cute! That last one is a framer.

april said...

Haha... they are too funny! I love that he lets you know that he wants attention!!