Thursday, October 2, 2008

My hubster, the cook!

Having a husband that cooks for me on a daily basis makes me a lucky lady!
D loves cooking, it's his other passion in life. And oh my God is he a great cook! He can make just about anything. My favorite are his Italian dishes! Below are just a few pics of what he has made for us. Aaaah, I love having my own personal chef. ;)

Check out this Cowboy Steak with a coffee rub! Yep, we shared this.

He makes delicious Calzones!

Mmmm spinach, mushroom and mozzarella

D made these recently after watching an Episode of Martha Stewart
It's mac & cheese on a hot dog!
It was a one time thing-I can guarantee it. :)

He has even tried his hands at scones!
I know it looks more like biscuits and gravy, but it's a lemon cream
(because we don't have clotted cream in the U.S.)

D's mac & cheese ROCKS! Mmm oh so good!

He makes yummy frittatas that never disappoint!

He makes great ice cream that leaves me wanting more.
This one was banana!

And recently he made a yummy gazpacho!

And I wonder why I'm gaining weight! :D


Mary said...

YUM!! Gotta love a man that can cook!

April said...

You are LUCKY! That steak w/ a coffee rub sounds interesting... I love both steak & coffee so they must be twice as good together. Ha. You have a good man there... =)